Marketing Kits

PAX Solutions helps its customers create work that matters. We strive to make things better by making better things. So often, companies and marketers spend most of their focus on the content and information without putting much thought into the design. DESIGN is the new marketing.

By combining different types of packaging, we help our customers create beautiful marketing kits that foster change and action, which is the ultimate goal of great marketers. Creating effective marketing kits is no simple task; it does not happen by accident. Many things need to be considered before the first drawing or samples are made. In addition to design, here are other components to consider when thinking about your next marketing kit or sales kit:



1. Clean Presentation: The layout and overall presentation should be distraction-free. Avoid clutter and over-crowding. Be intentional with empty spaces. Direct the audience’s attention! Use professional photos, images, and logos.

2. Quality Content: The content should be relevant and interesting to your audience. Why should they care? Use visuals and avoid large blocks of text. Be genuine!

3. Intentional Message: Be clear with your message. What is the point of your marketing kit? The audience needs to understand why this is worth their time. The message does not need to be complex to have depth. Be meaningful!

4. Cohesiveness: Consider how the design and content can work together with your brand to create a cohesive marketing kit. How are the marketing materials in the kit connected? Take the audience on a journey – tell your story!

5. Readability: Font should be easy to read and sized appropriately considering the audience. Use font, images, tables, charts, and other graphics to clearly convey your message. Make the kit easily accessible!

6. Incentivize: Get the audience excited! How can you motivate them? Include call-to-action points. Make sure everyone is clear on what to do next and when to do it. Consider possible obstacles and provide proactive solutions. Predict how people will respond and what hurdles they might face!



Customer wanted a high-end marketing kit to send to potential investors. Goal was to have cohesive presentation of the various products that also tied into the investor kit. PAX Solutions was able to match the foil on the investor kit with the foil on the product cartons. The foam is comprised of multiple layers of foam glued together. To keep costs down without affecting presentation, crosslink foam was used for the top layer only with the rest of the foam unit being made from more affordable polyurethane foam. The end result was a beautiful marketing kit that was also friendly to the budget.

Hinged Binder Book Box with Foam InsertHinged Binder Book Box and Folding Carton

Rigid Setup Box, Foam

Paperboard, Crosslink (XLPE) Foam, Polyurethane Foam

Foil Stamp, PMS Colors

Foil stamp to match foil on product carton. Multiple layers of different foam laminated together for premium presentation.


Customer was looking to make a big impact with its new product launch. The light-up cover was designed to replicate the application icon found in the Apple app store. This application supported the new product and was simultaneously launched with the release of the new product. This cohesive approached helped create a seamless presentation to connect the new product to the software. Additional information was included in the kit and on a USB drive so everything the recipient needed was available in a single resource.

Marketing Kit with Light Feature_1Marketing Kit with Light FeatureMarketing Kit with Light Feature_2New Product Launch Marketing Kit

Rigid Setup Box, Plastic Sleeve, Folding Carton, Foam

Paperboard, PET, Chipboard, Crosslink (XLPE) Foam, EPS Foam, LED Lights, PET

Foil Stamp, 4CP, Soft Touch Lamination, Spot UV

LED lighted hidden behind chipboard cover. Flush cut holes in cover to show LED lights. Lights turn on when the PET sleeve is removed or the button on the cover is pressed. Lights automatically turn off after 30 seconds. Powered using standard AAA batteries.


Sales reps were tired of having multiple sales and marketing kits for a single product line. PAX Solutions helped create a smart way to store and display the product using fluted plastic. An area was then added to hold additional print and literature. The last piece of the puzzle was to come up with a good way for the sales reps to display the products, so the cover was extended and modified so it could double up as a display stand. PAX Solutions was able to effectively combine several marketing components into a single sales kit and provide a unique way to display everything.

Medical Sales KitMedical Sales Kit_1

Rigid Setup Box

Paperboard, Fluted Plastic, Magnetic Strips

PMS Colors, 4CP, Soft Touch Lamination

Fluted plastic to hold and protect fragile product. Magnetic strip for attaching samples and presenting different product options. Storage area for additional print and marketing materials. Cover converts to display stand.


Customer was looking for a durable sales kit for its national sales reps to carry granite samples. Previous kits had been made using less durable materials resulting in a short useful life. Based on the size and weight of the product samples, PAX Solutions helped create a sales kit that was sleek, unique, and consistent with the brand’s premium product. The interior pocket held additional marketing material to support sales. The sales team loved the quality and how easy the sample carrier was to use in the field.

Marketing Kit with Locking FeatureMarketing Kit with Locking Feature_1

Rigid Setup Box, Foam

MDF Board, PU Leather, Vinyl Pocket

Deboss on PU Leather

Heavy duty handle and clasps. Interior vinyl pocket with business card holder attached to lid. Interior hardware covered by crosslink foam that matched marketing kit color scheme.


Customer was looking to improve its sales and marketing materials at their dealers and distributors. Current material was unbranded and did not convey brand’s quality or value. PAX Solutions helped create a marketing kit that held relevant literature and several wood samples. Order forms and additional information was provided within the kit to support the dealer’s sales efforts. The marketing kit did a great job catching everyone’s attention and helped boost sales.

Marketing Kit with BrochuresMarketing Kit with Brochures_1

Rigid Setup Box, Folding Carton, Foam

Paperboard, Chipboard, Crosslink (XLPE) Foam

PMS Colors, 4CP, Raised Spot UV, Matte Scuff-Proof Lamination

Foam sample holder glued to lid. Chipboard spacers for organization. Unique spot UV application.


Customer wanted to highlight the design and features of a new product line. The marketing kit also needed space to easily access marketing literature and a USB drive. The main challenge was highlighting the product first, then bringing the audience’s attention to the rest of the material in the kit. By adding a window to the box, the product received its deserved attention even before the box was opened. The demo product appears to “float” inside of the box. The name of the product is also visible at first glance prior to opening the box.

Multi-Tiered Hinged Lid Marketing Kit_1Multi-Tiered Hinged Lid Marketing Kit

Rigid Setup Box, Folding Carton, Foam, Thermoform

Paperboard, Chipboard, Crosslink (XLPE) Foam, PVC, PET

PMS Colors, 4CP, Soft Touch Lamination

Clear PET window to see demo product inside of launch kit. Demo product held in thermoform tray appearing to “float” inside of the window. Rigid setup box has special tier construction so multiple layers of marketing literature can be viewed once lid is opened.


Dealers wanted a better way to display customer’s granite samples. Prior offerings were easily damaged and cumbersome to handle. Customer wanted a better, more secure display to hold numerous samples and literature. PAX Solutions helped create a durable drawer and cubby system with a side section for literature, which was conveniently stored in a slipcase. The gold foil stamp grabs attention at the dealership locations without being over-stated. The marketing kit communicates quality, style, and professionalism, which the audiences associates with the brand and product.

Marketing Kit SetMarketing Kit Set_1Marketing Kit Set_2

Rigid Setup Box

Paperboard, PU Leather, PP Nonwoven

Foil Stamp, PMS Colors

Gold foil stamp on PU leather accented with gold stitching. Cubbies and interior lined with durable PP nonwoven material.


Customer was looking for a creative way to inform existing customers of its new manufacturing capabilities. Due to their exponential growth, there was too much information to include using text only. Therefore, a video book was included in each marketing kit. Once the recipient opened the video book, a video message from the CEO of the company played to introduce the company’s new manufacturing capabilities and highlight some of their achievements. A 3D printed business card holder was also included within the marketing kit so the recipient could touch and feel the customer’s product, tying together the digital and physical marketing components.

Marketing Kit with Video BookMarketing Kit with Video Book_1

Rigid Setup Box, Folding Carton, Foam

Paperboard, Chipboard, Polyurethane Foam

PMS Colors, 4CP, Matte Lamination, Textured Spot UV

Detachable video book. Different types of spot UV used in the printing process. EPS foam blocks used for interior support. Cavity in marketing kit to hold customer supplied 3D printed business card holder.


Contact us about your project and we will get back to you shortly!

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